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When I begin to write about what addresses the very existence of a company, I tend to go back to an oriental saying which says "Employees are central to the steady growth and development of a company. I will like to begin with a note of thanks to all those who are a part of the Purti Pansari Group, all those who have given their soul in bringing the group to where it stands today and those who form the very foundation and our reason for sustenance and achieving excellence.

The mantra that motivated my people was the greed to emerge as a multifarious product group dealing in diverse products. We strive to establish ourselves as an organization firmly grounded on a solid base of knowledge. We aim to create a differential value for our customers by optimal use of resource and operation finesse. Our technology and innovation driven processes are structured to bring about an unbeatable level of customer satisfaction.

Propelled by passion, Purti Pansari entity can boast itself as a group that deals in edible oil, real estate, non woven fabrics, power and more. We have fitted our plants with most sophisticated range of machinery where new technology has superceded old conventions.

While traversing the road to success it has never skipped our mind that we owe it all to the human factor. We have made earnest effort to preserve the very interest of its people. Our dedicated workforce is treated to training programs, opportunities for advancement, innovative benefit packages and rewards for creative problem solving. Our clients have always been a part of our strategy planning for a smoother success.

"The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials." - me and my team promise to put our best in all the endeavors we
undertake and provide people with what is termed as "QUALITY LIVING".


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