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Purti Vanaspati

Over the years hydrogenated oil better known as "Vanaspati" has been accepted as a relaible means of cooking food. We at Purti Group assure to delight our customers with "taste and flavour". The Group today enjoys a formidable position in manufacturing of pure vanaspati, which is used as a ideal cooking medium in most of the families in our country. When you use "Purti Vanaspati", as a cooking medium, you can be well assured of getting the supplements of your daily nutrition.

In Vanaspati we have several brand in the name of Purti, Priti Bhog, Ghrita and among these all Purti quality stands superior.

  • Pouches - 200 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr
  • HDPE Jar - 15 kgs
  • Tin - 15 ltr, 15 kgs

Bakery Shortening & Margarines

Baking is both an art and science. The art of baking first came to India when British first settled in Calcutta in the form of East India Co. and they taught this art to the locals of West Bengal which later on spread all over the country over the years. Bakery Shortening and Bakery Margarines & Interesterified vegetable oil are specialised fats used for making baked foods and highly popular in Western European countries. The usage of baked items is rapidly increasing in our countries over the last couple of decades and people are becoming quality conscious in this product category also. As such the demand of bakery shortenings and margarines are growing rapidly in our country at an estimated growth rate of 20% p.a. Manufacturing bakery shortening is highly specialised job-right from the selection of oils to the processing, packing, storage, and transportation. Manufacturing process itself requires highly specialised machines. To give the product as per the International Standards, Paceman has the latest state-of-art imported machines for manufacturing Bakery Shortening and Margarines as per the international quality standard.

At Purti we manufacture different kinds of Bakery Shortening & Margarines as per different usages. We manufacture these products for applications as giving below:

  • For all purpose Bakery like Puff, Patties, khari etc.
  • For Cookies, Sweets, Biscuits etc.
  • Specially for Cake, Pastries, Cookies, Muffins etc.